Real Madrid 10 years of the worst coach was born

Real Madrid Sporting Gijon in crop failure, Benitez on criticism more and more, a lot of Spanish media said Benitez is a defensive coach, while the data show that, now the real indeed lack of goals.
Compared to the past 10 years, coach of the start, the number of Real Madrid, Benitez’s coaching is the lowest. “Marca” pointed out that Benitez last nine games of the data, over the past 10 years, the lowest, he led by Real Madrid in the first nine games of the season only scored 11 goals, which eight warm-up match and a La Liga match.
Contrast with the same period in the same period of Real Madrid Ancelotti coach data, a warm-up match, Ancelotti’s Real Madrid in the first 9 games into 27 balls. Although Mourinho’s first La Liga is also 0-0, but in his first 9 games and scored 15 goals with real madrid.
In addition to Ancelotti with Mourinho when the number of goals scored more than Benitez, before a few Real Madrid coach data are more than Benitez. Pelle Goni Lee (26 goals), Juande Ramos (15 goals), Schuster (13 goals), Fabio Capello (20 goals), Carlo (15 goals), Luxembourg (18 goals), Raymond (13 goals). Their goals are more than Benitez.

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