Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United players

There are a lot of deals in the summer transfer market, but it’s been talked about more or more between the giants. David De Gea and Real Madrid’s scandal has not been interrupted, but the Red Devils to Barcelona midfielder Pedro. In the impression that the fans, Real Madrid and Manchester United have been the birth of the big deal, but Barcelona seems to be very few and Manchester United to do business. If analysis of the transactions between the transfer market over the past ten years, despots, data can tell us what are the interesting conclusion?

The data taken in this paper are taken from the transfer market, including all summer and winter transfers from 2006 to the present, and the loan is not included in the calculation. This article refers to the “transfer” includes only transactions occur between the following 14 teams: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, AC Milan, international Milan, Juventus, Bayern, Dortmund, Paris Saint Germain.

In the total expenditure on the list, Barcelona, Real Madrid and three Premier League occupied the top five positions, they are now the transfer market purchasing power is the top team. But the five teams from other despotic signings have different characteristics: Manchester United and Barcelona, the average of each move into was significantly higher than that of the others team, which means that two teams are not easily from other teams to dig, but once the hand are often high price. Such as Barcelona eat into Suarez and Ibrahimovic, Manchester United to introduce Di Maria and ma. In contrast, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea will do more in the low price transactions, such as Shaheen (10000000), Rishi (7750000), Meireles (13500000), and so on.

But the situation is not the same as the three side in Serie A, Juventus and inter Milan players between the transactions have been too small. In the past ten years, AC Milan and Inter have a total of 6 players trading, is the most frequent exchanges between the two, the most famous to count Cassano and Pacini swap club. When it comes to AC Milan and Juventus, but also Pirlo, Matt, storari signings etc.. The relationship between inter and Juventus is more tense, Juventus return to Serie A transfer only after Lucio. Between Arsenal and Chelsea players with too many, the new course is Czech goalkeeper Cech.


Throughout the past ten years, the giants move to Real Madrid and Barcelona, two have been dominating the top of the market, they can transfer from the big players, they can sell a considerable price; another big buyers of Bayern does not have enough frequent shots, but the ability to retain important members; Chelsea has spent money blindly the stage, began to pursue the balance in the transfer market; Manchester United and Arsenal after a painful time output, began to come up with enough money signings; Atletico and Dortmund is the output of a typical type of team, Liverpool have become the team may not care; Manchester City and Paris burn, they also lavish not good processing can not meet the expectations of the players; three Serie A temporarily trapped in the economic problem, can only choose to spend more wisely. I do not know the next ten years, European football transfer market and how will change.

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