Real Madrid C Luo and other public blessing teammates Raul touching

Raul will usher in a career in the finale on Sunday, after the game he will retire. As Real Madrid and Spain legend, C Ronaldo, Abel Figueroa, Pepe, Marcelo, Pepe Reina and manager Rafael Benitez as he recorded a touching video, the New York Cosmos team video uploaded to the official website. C Lo: ‘I want to congratulate you, you have a career you can not forget
website is a role model, not only as a player, but also as a good person we worked together for two years here, I hope there will be more. You are number one player of Real Madrid, hug you, partner. glorious.

All the players have to feel and share the 7th through the locker room. ‘ Abel Figueroa: ‘You used to be, it has been the idol of all of us.’ Pepe: ‘Captain, we all miss you.’ Marcelo: ‘You are an example to us all.’ Benet Adams: ‘I want to thank you all for the club and football made, I wish you the best of luck.’ Reina:. ‘I represent all the Spanish people thank you for your contribution to the Spanish football is flying the flag, next you can achieve all the things you want to do. ‘(Black Cat director)

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