Real Madrid want to buy Macy assistant! 22 million formal offer Benitez named


Recently the city of Rome are very closely linked with Real Madrid, Roma came the sex scandal with Casillas, while Real Madrid Lazio midfielder Bigeliya fancy, it was reported that Real Madrid for the Argentina striker Bigeliya open a € 22 million offer.

“Gazzetta dello Sport,” citing Spain, “Aspen Daily” news that Real Madrid’s new coach Rafael Benitez to the club requires the introduction of special Bigeliya to improve the team’s midfield strength, as the 29-year-old Argentine Bigeliya The midfielder is together with Macy America’s Cup campaign last summer he, together with Argentina reached the World Cup finals in Brazil.

“Italian football” means Lazio to Bigeliya marked price of 30 million euros, in addition to Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are interested in him.

FIFA broker ska Laila also confirmed Real Madrid offer news, “about a week ago, a € 22 million offer on the front placed Lazio, the offer from Real Madrid official.” According to reports, Real Madrid to Beagle Leah offered a salary of four million euros in four-year contract. Lazio are now actively looking for a replacement Bigeliya, including Feyenoord’s Dutch international Kela Xi, worth about 10 million euros.

Bigeliya 2013 from Anderlecht to join Lazio, as the absolute main team to help the team get the Champions League this season.

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