Return to work! ‘Color equipment Man’ complete treatment of leukemia will report the new season opener

YORK, October 18 reported: ESPN News, TNT famous scene reporter Craig – Sager has been determined to return to the NBA in the new season, he will be coming out story opener. NBA new season will be officially opened the curtain in Beijing on October 28, while Sager after the completion of the latest issue of the treatment of leukemia has confirmed that a
nba 2k mt timely return to work.

64-year-old veteran of the scene Sager is TNT reporters, presenters, he always dressed in a suit one bright colors appear in the NBA side, the name ‘color equipment man.’ Sager has many years of experience in the interview, he described the occupation reporter profession
nba 2k 16 mt coins reporter, won a number of players, coaches respect. He was diagnosed with leukemia in April 2014, he had to temporarily suspend their love of NBA career interview, to receive treatment. March 6 this year, Sager was discharged, and quickly return to work, the Bulls appear VS Oklahoma City site were reported. But soon, his leukemia will relapse, readmission.

In mid-July,
2k 16 mt coins Sager successfully accepted the bone marrow and stem cell transplant. At that time he said he was not going back to NBA next season, he reports, but also preparing to go to Rio for the 2016 Olympics coverage. It is reported that Sager will appear in the opener against the Warriors game pelicans live coverage.

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