Rivers the inevitable need luck to win the Warriors get me the true meaning of

According to NBA China official website news, ESPN reported that the Los Angeles Clippers coach Doug – Rivers said on Sunday that the Warriors players were recently let his anger themselves quite helpless, because they did not understand what he had said, ‘Warriors won by luck ‘The true meaning behind comments.
buy mt nba 2k16 So what Rivers really mean by that? ‘Craig and his teammates are questioning me, so I have to stand up and explain,’ Rivers said. ‘I say the intention is right, of course, can not be used that way before I used to elaborate.

I never said the Warriors rely on luck, it is a misunderstanding of the meaning of the expression me, I want to say is to get the final victory certainly need luck blessing this is actually a big misunderstanding, ‘the causes and consequences of events like this..: In previous interviews, Rivers said: ‘You need some luck in the West look at the Warriors, but they just do not need, and we Clippers or Spurs contest..’ When this evaluation reached Warriors Craig – Thompson and his teammates ears, they will naturally fight back. ‘It sounds really funny,’ Cray was once so replied, ‘If we rely on luck, why not look at the regular season between the two teams played against the record of it,
nba mt points I remember our last season to sweep them the ah ‘.

Rivers then made a clarification on Sunday, he also told reporters that he did not mean any disrespect to the Warriors, but he understands the anger of the Warriors players. ‘I was actually a reference to his own experience only to say remark win, the team wants to win the final blessing must have luck,’ Rivers added, ‘Now it is clear that if for whatever reason I bothered them that I did not consider that I did express the wrong way. If someone says that when the Celtics won by luck, I will surely be very hard to accept. I understand how they feel. ‘

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