Rockets swept away negative Nuggets were the other 24 + 6 Motel cut Harden 19 points

Denver Nuggets (10 wins and 14 losses) in the road continue winning situation. While Harden had a game high 24 points, but
2k16 mt points Barton had 23 points and nine rebounds, Harris scored 21 points to lead the team played in the third quarter 15-2 spurt to establish superiority, the Nuggets withstand the opponent The distal counterattack, Terry missed the go-ahead one-third, the Nuggets at home to 114-108 win over the Houston Rockets (12 wins and 13 losses). The Rockets swept the Nuggets last season, they get two-game winning streak, the Rockets end 2-game winning streak.

Barton Nuggets had 23 points and nine rebounds, Harris had 21 points, Gallinari scored 15 points, seven assists and five rebounds, Luo Wenji had 14 points and 11 rebounds, scored 11 points Fareed and 9 rebounds. Rockets Harden had 24 points, six assists and three steals, Motel Yunus had 19 points, Trevor Ariza
nba 2k16 mt had 16 points, five rebounds, four assists and three steals, Beverly scored 14 points, Howard had 13 points, eight rebounds and four steals, Thornton scored 13 points.

Capella Rockets did not play, Jones first. Opening 9, 11 all Houfaruide offensive force scored 5 points, Harris also contributed 4 points to lead the team played a small climax 11-3, Nuggets 22-14 lead eight minutes. Thornton was the team to stop bleeding pointers, Gallinari thirds vote, Djokic scored five points, the first section have 1 minute 10 seconds when the Nuggets to 34-20 lead. Lawson hit a jumper, Barton hit a ball, the Nuggets to 36-22 lead with 14 points over the first quarter.

Thornton even in two three-pointers, he led his unit to counterattack wave hit 10-2 to start the second quarter, the Rockets to 32-38 behind six points. After the two sides form a tug of war, the score alternating increase, Fareed layup 4 minutes 25 seconds before halftime when the Nuggets to 49-42 lead seven minutes. Harden outside fire even in 3-pointers, Beverly icing on the cake, they led the team to a 16-5 spurt to end the second quarter, the Rockets to 58-54 go-ahead 4 points.

Rockets Harden scored 13 first half points, Howard had 10 points and six rebounds; Nuggets Fareed had nine points and nine rebounds, Luo Wenji 8 points and 6 rebounds.

Trevor Ariza and Motel Yunus in the third quarter began each had 5 points, the Rockets 72-62 lead with 10 points. Gallinari consecutive fouls three of four penalties, Barton and Harris each had two points, they led his unit to counterattack wave hit 9-3, chase the Nuggets 73-77. Rockets suspend Hou Hadeng counterattack third, the Nuggets broke out outside, Harris, Nelson and Barton each into a Trey, a 15-2 counterattack climax end of the third, the Nuggets lead to 88-82 6 points.

The last section after the start of the two teams each scored seven points, the Nuggets offensive set off again, Papa Nicholas La-thirds vote, he led his unit to play 11-1 spurt, leading the Nuggets to 106-90 16 Minute. Ariza hit two three-pointers, he scored eight points to help the team to close the gap, Harris layup temporarily blocking the opponent, Beverly thirds vote, Terry hit a jumper, the fourth quarter and 1 minute 35 Rockets chase 104-110 seconds behind. Nuggets suspend Houniersen mistakes, Gallinari missed a jumper, Harden scored twice to break, the Rockets 108-110 behind.

Barton missed the third, Harden ball in the middle of a breakthrough, but at the crucial moment he chose to pass, the results veteran Terry missed opportunity to overtake three points, the Rockets will be forced to foul tactics. Barton made two free throws in the fourth quarter when the Nuggets also 13.5 seconds to 112-108 lead four minutes. After the Rockets pause, not in the third Harden left wing, Djokic defensive rebound foul, his free throws, the Nuggets to 114-108 win.

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