Running back Le Xiaoen – McCoy coming back on the court

Buffalo Bills running back – McCoy (LeSean McCoy) Friday posted a tweet said he can play against the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals game. The team played in his case as a possible play. McCoy had a hamstring injury since the September 27 game against the Miami Dolphins have not set foot again after the game. When McCoy publish this article Twitter, his teammate Mario – Williams (Mario Williams) NFL regular guest of the program’s official website. The ball impact hand hope McCoy tweets this is a good sign.

In the main quarterback Tailuo De – under
mut 16 coins sale Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) status undetermined, the red ball attack added any selection can get backup quarterback EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) and offensive coordinator Greg – Roman (Greg Roman) welcome. Although McCoy is averaging a few yards rushing the ball just 49.7 yards and seven catches, he was clearly affected by injuries. It may be that we see him approaching a hundred percent state of the first game. In this regard, Williams should be grateful to McCoy. If the offensive team fails frequently attack punt direct third
madden 16 coins gear, then to defend the Tigers offensive group is very difficult.

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