Russell starters or off the bench does not matter what others think is not bothered

According to NBA China official website news, ‘Los Angeles Times’ reported that the Lakers have played a few preseason games, when the first game, Russell starter, but in the game against Maccabi and the king’s two games, he all off the bench. Beijing on Sunday, the Lakers against the Warriors
nba 2k16 mt points in the game, Bryant did not play because of injury, Russell returned to the starting point guard position. Currently, Russell still exploring their own position on the pitch. ‘I do not know, friends, I really do not know,’ Russell said. ‘I have not a little clue. Coaches will do the most good thing for the team, I come off the bench if he thought more appropriate, then this is for Team most favorable. ‘He then said,’ If I become a starter and field organizers, that’s fine. I mean, we can accept this arrangement, the bench or starting, really does not matter.

From the perspective of Scott, Russell insisted in the end he just wanted to. ‘I just wanted to make him a good play,’ Scott said, ‘I know he has a lot of things to do, flying about his remarks. He did not know he was starting to play or the bench, but either way, he The role is the same. Like I said, when the time comes, I will have a clearer understanding. ‘Russell has been high expectations, he was seen as the future of the Lakers. When asked if heard ‘people’ talk about whether he starts, he replied, ‘I do not really care what other people think, I just want to play, this is not a problem.’ Russell admitted that he also In the transition from college basketball to the NBA adaptation
nba mt points stage, he is still learning how to play in the NBA, how and teammates. ‘Yes, from college to the NBA level over an excessive need,’ Russell said, ‘that is to understand these players, learn their strengths.’

I have to get to know our team Every player, including their location and the advantages and disadvantages, because as a point guard, you have to let everyone in the best position, so they do what they do best. ‘Russell said. Russell is also the Braves MVP Stephen – Curry fans, talk about the war with Curry, Russell said, ‘From a personal point of view, this will make me understand their position.’ He continued, ‘ But I look forward to the team’s victory, I know that if we can win a game like this, it would be great for us, our confidence will be improved. ‘

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