Seahawks will make every effort to stimulate Graham

Seattle Seahawks in the offseason heavily in the introduction of Everett – Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham), but the Pro Bowl tight
buy mut coins end level in the new team’s first few races is not smooth. As of this week, Graham completed only 18 catches, although still out Everett 6, but brave
madden 16 coins during the New Orleans Saints and the effectiveness of the performance is quite different. Offensive coordinator Darrell – Bei Fuer (Darrell Bevell) indicates:this is a problem, we all know that. We will try all the way, try to everyone involved in the offense in.

I hope you can catch Jim, I hope he can do more in the attack. We asked him the ball, asked him to stop. Now do is to continue to move forward, we expect him to do more, the team will make every effort to inspire him to the best. In the passing attack, Doug – Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) becomes the target of the number of passes are more than Graham. Graham’s 18 times the ball, the ball is only 7 times more than the Seahawks tight end last year. Graham was originally inspired by the Seahawks hope the team’s attack, but the present situation, the team also need more time to coordinate his role in the attack of.

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