Spain is upgrading confident the defending European Cup

Spain will launch a friendly match with England. Before the game, in the Premier leagues Mata in an interview that, although Matador Legion is undergoing upgrading, but they still have the ability to defend the European Cup 2016. ‘As the last European Cup, we will try to defend this honor. Although the team is undergoing upgrading, as well as other more popular team, but we have a competitive enough to win this tournament again champion. ‘In addition, Mata also talked about the upcoming friendlies with England commenced, and missed the game’s team-mate Wayne Rooney.

Manchester United, Wayne Rooney I often chatted with their national team, whether the team is a young player, but the team’s enthusiasm for the game, but also possess the strength or the team, he was very pleased.’ Ma Tower continued. ‘You see, they scored victory in the qualifiers. Whether it is for them or us, qualifiers are a very difficult test. I think they would rival the European Cup, they have a very strong lineup, At the same time they are now confident ‘, the Mata mentions suffered a lot of trouble this season, Diego – Costa. He said: ‘He suffered a poor start to the league, but his goals will not make us wait too long he needs to be patient, after scoring will follow..’ Finally, Mata was Asked about the future of the national team coach Vicente del Bosque, there is news that the latter will choose to retire after the end of the European Cup.

For me, the Bosque let me complete national team debut. Over the years, he has been in his capacity as head coach to accompany us.’ Mata continued. ‘He brings a lot to our country’s honor, the players were very happy to work with him at ease, but that is not what we can decide.’ (Send)

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