Spurs 80 million re-injection to fight the best of the season

Spurs at home to 107-92 win over the Magic, LaMarcus – Aldridge played 32 minutes, 9 of 13 shots, 12 penalty 10, a single-game scoring his highest score since joining the Spurs –28 points, plus five blocked shots(more nbamcoin).

That week ago as the “Fight of the Century,” the Spurs vs Warriors, Adelaide very disappointing performance, he finished 2 of 9 shooting only 5 points. After the match, Adelaide made a surprising move, it is close to all his social media account. But later, when interviews with the media, Adriano said he was doing so not because of poor performance in that game against the Warriors, he just wanted to be able to become more focused during the season.
After this season, Spurs lose will certainly usher in a rebound, the same is true for Adelaide. After that game with the Warriors slump, Adriano scored 25 points, 10 rebounds and five assists against the Rockets in the subsequent.

Spurs on the road on a big defeat Knight, Adriano scored 15 points and 2 rebounds. Today Spurs vs. Magic, Adelaide played probably the best one since the war he joined the Spurs. Match, Adelaide is very efficient on the offensive end, he was 9 of 13 shots, 12 penalty 10, obtained the highest score of the season –28 points. Defensively, Adelaide is not ambiguous, the audience sent five blocks.

28 points +5 blocks, this is a personal career Adelaide 3rd play such data. After the game, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich praised Adriano performed very well at both ends.

For Adelaide, it means that he chose to join the Spurs game need to make adjustments. In this process, we encountered some pains are inevitable. But Adelaide’s strength, after all, out there, coupled with the Spurs so successful systems and environments, and Adelaide find the correct positioning and maximize their value just a matter of time.

Adelaide can be today if such a superb offensive and defensive performance maintained, then – Tim Duncan can continue safely to rest and recuperate.

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