Surprise! Bundesliga lightning bolt over a data

Today’s football, horse-type player is too much, then what is a player which ran the fastest it? Inability to carry out an accurate test system, this problem is not easy to answer, but in many Bundesliga fans opinion, Aubameyang definitely ran the fastest football player. In addition to ordinary fans, even the Bundesliga official also Aubameyang speed thumbs-up, yesterday, the Bundesliga’s official praised Aubameyang is pushing the planet to run the fastest, buy fifa 16 coins Biboerte faster. According to reports, Aubameyang when running the fastest speed reached 34.98 km / h, 30 meters sprint took only 3.7 seconds, which is not, and he Bolt.
Martial arts world, only the fast is not broken. Football player, when you have the time rate of foot Hot Wheels, Shenma delicate foot of technology, a wonderful maneuver Marseille are all superfluous, direct hype forced to overtake on the line. For Dortmund Aubameyang, he has been accustomed to do so, and the face of defensive players, Aubameyang favorite thing is the ball forward doing a trip, then speed is directly bypassing the guard, cheap fifa 16 coins left guard Behind eat dust.
Rapid Aubameyang has long been in football to get recognition. In the latest FIFA16 game, Aubameyang speed is 95, and the “King” as fast as Bell, after Arsenal’s “little tigers” Walcott (96).
The official Bundesliga Twitter tweeting yesterday said Aubameyang the fastest speed of up to 34.98km / h, almost 35km / h, the Bundesliga’s official exclaimed pushing people on the planet has no Biaobamei Young ran faster. German media also evaluated Aubameyang is the fastest player in Bundesliga history to run.
Football, 10-30 meters sprint in the race used the most frequently, players need a good start explosive speed and short distance, which is exactly Aubameyang advantage. 30 m sprint took only 3.7 seconds of his breakthrough and often counter-attack with the speed to get everything. In 2009, Bolt created 9 seconds 100 meters world record of 58, when his first 30 meters when used “only” 3.78 seconds. Such a comparison, Aubameyang ran 30 meters with a time of 0.08 seconds Biboerte less. Of course, not long before the 30 meters Bolt’s term, his best after half the force. But aside this point aside, a certain data can be a footballer even better than today’s fastest athlete has been hard won, it shows the speed of scary Aubameyang.
State Aubameyang very well this season, the league eight Ayala, he has scored 10 goals, second only to comparable Heaven Lewandowski (12 goals). In addition, Aubameyang also sent out one assist. According to media reports, the Spanish giants Barcelona intentional introduction Aubameyang, but not willing to sell the horse Dortmund player, Dott official repeatedly said Aubameyang is not for sale, I have no intention of leaving Aubameyang Hornet .more news.

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