Tannehill We have to win the game London broke

Game this week against both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. British fans feel the enthusiasm in the same time,
buy mut coins the two teams also realized the importance of this game. Jets ace Darrell – Revis (Darrelle Revis) indicates: This is a very
madden 16 coins important district civil war, dolphins have some talented catcher, but our second line ready to meet the challenge of preparing . Dolphins quarterback Ryan – Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill) indicates: This is a heavy weight competition. Previously I have two games we Taishishuizhun. This is a district civil war, we all know that we must win.

In addition, Tannehill also talked about the London season is special: This is a special game, especially in front of fans game. I know there are a lot of dolphins fans in London, we need their support. the Jets last week to 14-41 defeat at Buffalo Bill, the team legend Dan – Marino (Dan Marino) expressed: I believe the team will get better, the first three weeks of the race very difficult, But I know that this week we will see the best of dolphins.

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