Tears ran pea lore break out crying after Henry granted him

With Hernandez scored the first 88 minutes of lore, Real Madrid 1-0 win over Atletico Madrid, rounded out the Champions League four strong. People from the edge of a small pea incarnation Real savior, so changing role of ordinary people is difficult to experience. So when a small pea to be replaced on the bench, he bury, emotional, yes, this is the tears of happiness.

Champions -C Luo assists small pea lore Atletico Madrid 1-0 score into the Top 4

Small pea lore break out crying after Henry criticized him: and C Luo should celebrate

First six shots to no avail, after wasting several good opportunities to small pea shoots 7 feet, and finally bear fruit. The first 88 minutes, J Lo forward pass, C Luo into the restricted area right rib cross, God beans Tuishe 10 meters. Game time is running out, a small pea still running hard, scraping, until already cramps.Ancelotti replaced by Jesse small peas. Bench, Mexico striker break out crying, this scene people moving.

However, in the “Sky Sports” when guests Henry, but then criticized Hernandez. This is why? It turned out that after a small pea goal, his crazy toward the corner flag area, kneeling down to celebrate, the whole body stretch, lying on the Bernabeu turf accept fans worship. Henry believes that small peas so wrong, he should go to thank C Lo.

It was his night, but we do not know whether he will continue to stay future at Real Madrid. Prior to scoring, his chances a lot, but I can tell you is that he should be grateful to C Lo. I know, He could celebrate alone, but should be grateful to him assists C-Lo. In my opinion, this is C Ronaldo’s goal. I do not like Hernandez is celebrating after his goal seems to be to win Like the World Cup. turned to go and celebrate with C Ronaldo, could be better.

In the “Daily Telegraph” It seems that Henry was “severely criticized” small peas. Goal celebrations no problem, but a small pea should go thank C Ronaldo, after all, C Luo assists too critical. Celebrate small peas are also overdone: the same as winning the World Cup. However, such criticism Henry had some, such a situation, who can hold back the excitement of it

However, people are still a small pea Congratulations mainstream. Rooney wrote on Twitter: Hernandez, congratulations to you, my teammates make a small pea new girlfriend, Spanish female anchor Lucia, a small pea posted on Instagram photos goal celebration!. Small pea excited after the game, said: “This is my career, the most important goal, the goal gave me a lot of confidence in me to trust my goal is dedicated to all the people!.

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