The birth of the strongest in the history of the Champions League Top 4

With Real Madrid and Juventus have reached 23 am Top 4 this season’s Champions League Top 4 have all been born, Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, four teams consisting of four strong lineup called the history strongest. This four teams have won a total of 21 Champions League title, but they also qualify for the Champions League semi-final four teams largest in history, in which 31 qualify for Real Madrid, Barcelona 30, Bayern 25 times, this alone Juventus Serie A revival banner there 22 times. The top four teams reached the semifinals at the same time, also created a historical record. Four teams will be the evening of 24 semi-final against the decision in the form of lottery.

Real Madrid qualify for the small pea lore escort 23 am in the Champions League quarter-final second leg carried the game, with a small pea Hernandez in the 87th minute of a record lore, eliminated Real Madrid 1-0 at home to Atletico Madrid team to qualify for a total score of 1-0 thrilling five consecutive years to break into the Champions League four strong.   The two sides battle into a 0-0 first leg at the Calderon level. Back home, the shorthanded Real success evolutions, and neutralize opponents in the game. Atletico players sent off in the second half Turan, C · Luo assists in Hernandez scored before the whistle. Real Madrid in the final two round total score of 1-0 to advance to the semifinals.

Mexico striker Hernandez few opportunities to play this season, but stepped scored lore ball, Ancelotti after the game on a small pea hesitate to praise:. “We should congratulate Hernandez he had this year very hard, did not get much playing time, but he never gave up trying. ” Hernandez this season for Real Madrid appearances combined total time less than 800 minutes. In the Primera Liga, he scored a total of four goals. And the field goal for Atletico Madrid this season will be his goals in the Champions League’s first. The last time he has been harvested in the tournament dates back 896 days ago. This is the eighth time this season, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid played against the previous seven games, Whites without a win. Juve boring flat cut Juventus cut the road is not flat, they are at 23 am and Monaco in the second round contest 0-0 draw with rivals, the first leg of the final with a goal only reached 4 strong. This is the first time qualify for the Champions League Juventus 4 strong since 2003, is from the 2010 Inter Milan first team into the Champions League semi-finals after the Serie A team.

Juve campaign starting lineup average age of 31 years old 28 days, which is the history of Juventus in the Champions League oldest starting lineup. Buffon nearly 700 appearances were zero closure opponents, has 642 minutes did not lose the ball, but Pirlo nearly 22 appearances for Juventus remain unbeaten. The face of attack is not powerful Monaco, Allegri has taken a very conservative tactics, which also led to Juve extremely passive campaign, only 45 minutes before the two shots, tying the team record low season, the audience also only 5 shots. “Gazzetta dello Sport” Ironically, Juve “kneeling” to enter the Champions League four strong. After the game, Buffon said: “We want to do whatever it takes to qualify for the finals, 12 years after such an opportunity too tempting.”   explained coach Allegri after the game: “Our first goal is to qualify for the semi-finals, play really well, technically a lot of mistakes, but we are very good defense. ” semi-final will be very surprise


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