The core of the international Milan deep love to say goodbye: I love you but can not refuse Real Madrid

The Croatia international Kovacic has joined the Real Madrid, according to reports in the Spanish media he and Real Madrid signed a six-year about. Kovacic also accepted the media interview, he expressed gratitude to the club and fans of the international Milan, and wished the international Milan in the new season to achieve good results.

Aged 21 Kovacic in January 2013, from Croatia Zagreb dynamo club to 11 million euros worth joining Inter Milan, Inter Milan in spent two and a half season in this summer Kovacic choose to join Real Madrid. “I have to thank all the fans, the club and the whole team in Milan,” he said, “I have to thank all the fans, the club and the team in Italy,” he said.” Kovacic continued: “now I don’t know what I should say, and it is very sad for me to leave Inter, but the invitation of Real Madrid is a very rare opportunity for me.”

Kovacic, a total of 97 international competitions in Milan and scored 8 goals, only 21 years old inter core of Real Madrid, Kovacic in the interview also revealed that he is the most happy moment with international Milan, he said: “I have to thank all the people for all the support, I am the most happy time is and international Milan, because in my youth, can join a club like international Milan is very rare.”

Kovacic also referred to his idol, but also his national team mate Modri: now I want to go to Real Madrid, but the international Milan will always be in my heart. To tell you the truth, I was very happy to join Real Madrid, I would be leaving Stankovic, but to Real Madrid and Modric waiting for me, and I also hope and my new teammates can do great things. ”

Finally, Kovacic also sent a blessing to the old club: “I wish the international Milan in the new season can get good grades, I want to kiss each person, I love you”

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