The exposure of Arsenal’s 45000000 Book Cavani

According to the British “express,” the latest reports, the Premiership giants Arsenal despite in the summer transfer market has almost no as to speak of, in fact they have the next signings made the arrangements, Uruguayan striker Edison Cavani is expected to in the winter transfer period up to 45m worth joining.
In the summer transfer market before the imminent closure, Wenger has with Paris Saint Germain negotiated, Paris intends to sell Cavani, but the earliest to wait until January, media reported in detail. New French Ligue 1 has been zhanba 4 rounds, three rounds of League Cavani are played the full 90 minutes but crop failure, until the fourth round away game playing Monaco to the plum to open two degrees. If the Uruguayan can not ensure that their team scored plenty of goals, did not rule out the Paris Saint Germain cash in January. After all, he is 28 years old. After France Football magazine once disclosed, Paris is really going to be Ibrahimovic and Cavani gradually cleared out of the team, to bring more young Lyon striker Lacazette succession, the latter is a native French star, just to meet the greater Paris in recent years to strengthen the construction of localization of demand.
But Arsenal are ready to countermeasures, Cavani to Wenger is, of course, hands in welcome, but if not, Italian forward Trevor Ariza will as his substitute joined the Gunners. Media revealed, the transfer is 22 million pounds of high priced until recently Arsenal had Ariza’s move to Juventus ask price. As a result, the Bianconeri are given. Trevor Ariza in the summer by Juventus to 18 million euros from SA Thoreau repurchase, but in front of talent for the Bianconeri, the young local star very difficult to hit game, the new season is still zero appearance. The media revealed that in January, Arsenal will seek rent to buy opportunities, and strive to be incurred under the Italy heritage.

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