The former Inter wing shelling old club legend in response to criticism

Swiss International Sacchi in not long ago to 17 million euros worth joining Premiership rivals Stoke City. However, in the international Milan after only a few days left, the considerable strength of the frontcourt attacker then blasted his old club. He said in an interview with the media publicly that the current international Milan has very many problems, and claims that the team has some internal contradictions have not resolved.

Sacchi in the summer of 2012 from the Swiss side Basel joined the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich, because a variety of reasons Sacchi at Bayern Munich and did not get consistent playing time. Therefore Sacchi in this year the winter break alliance international Milan, but now it seems he in the Nerazzurri’s career is also quite smooth. In joining the Nerazzurri half a season Lee Schacht Lee only scored one league goal, this performance naturally cannot make coach Roberto Mancini satisfaction. In the summer, Mancini is early to shaqili included in the cleaning list, which makes the shaqili very angry. In an interview with the only 23 years old Swiss International said: “international Milan there some things not so good. So I am very happy themselves in the international Milan short adventure is over, I to be able to own joining Stoke City feel happy.”

Bayern legend effenberg had previously criticized Sacchi for money to join stoke Bayern legend effenberg had previously criticized Sacchi for money joining Stoke City

Also worth mentioning is in Sacchi joined Stoke City, former Bayern Munich captain effenberg had criticized the Switzerland international is for money to join the Premiership giants. This Sacchi also in the interview responded, he said: “effenberg he don’t have a job right now, so he can talk freely about the others, he is an idler. When a man has no job, he can speak freely, so I don’t want to make any comments on his remarks.”

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