The Nuggets shot down four straight Sun Harvest Barton Fareed 15 + 19 + 10

YORK, October 17 reported: Denver Nuggets continue winning streak in the preseason. Although Mudi Ai and Gallinari did not play, but Djokic scored 19 points, Barton had 19 points and 10 rebounds to lead the team to attack more flowering. Six Nuggets scored in double figures in the fourth quarter hit a wave 14-0 spurt to establish the victory, they are at home to 106-81 victory over the Phoenix Suns. Nuggets made four straight, the Suns suffered two defeats. Nuggets Djokic scored 19 points and four
2k 16 coins rebounds, Barton scored 19 points and 10 rebounds, Harris had 16 points, Luo Wenji had 15 points and eight rebounds, Farid had 15 points and seven rebounds , Chandler had 10 points and 19 rebounds.

Suns Fallon had 14 points and eight rebounds, Booker had 13 points and four rebounds, Knight had nine points, Magloire had eight points and four rebounds. Suns
2k16 mt Bledsoe still did not play, the Nuggets did not send Mudi Ai and Gallinari. Luo Wenji feel good after the start, he scored five points, Fareed contributed 4 points, they led his unit to 11-3 lead. Wei Musi and Booker were hit three points to help the Suns chase near the score, the Nuggets use inside counterattack opponents. Luo Wenji hook shot, Djokic even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, the first section have 1 minute 20 seconds when the Nuggets to 25-15 lead 10 points. Fallon scored a hook, Djokic-thirds vote, the Nuggets to 28-17 lead with 11 points over the first quarter. Barton twice successful offensive, Johnson in the third, they led the team played 9-3 spurt, the Nuggets opened the advantage to 17 points. Fallon hit 3 successful, Barton hit back three minutes, he led his unit is round 7-0 wave of attacks, 5 minutes and 35 seconds before halftime when the Nuggets to 46-25 lead with 21 points.

After the two sides each have a few minutes, Booker four penalties, the Suns chase 34-53. Fareed three of four penalties, Chandler in the third, they led the team to 10-2 spurt to end the second quarter, the Nuggets to 63-36 lead with 27 points. Nuggets Fareed first half, scored 13 points and six rebounds, Barton had 12 points and six rebounds, Djokic scored 11 points and 4 rebounds; Suns Booker had 11 points. Third quarter began shortly after Knight scored five points, the Suns close the gap to 24 points. Harris hit back three-pointers, Luo Wenji also contributed three points, the Nuggets lead to 73-45. London two attack succeeded, Chandler and Harris teamed up 4 points, the Nuggets keep the big score advantage. Fallon hit 3 successful, Goodwin in the third, they led the team to play 10-0 spurt, the Suns chase 59-77. Green made two free throws, layup Djokic, at the end of three sections Nuggets to 80-59 lead.

Trey Bulatovic scored five points to open the fourth quarter, the Suns to 64-80 behind. Djokic twice layup, Trey Bulatovic and Warren each hit three-pointers, to lead the team played 10-0 spurt, the Suns to 75-84 behind. Nuggets suspended after the attack recovery, Barton, Harris and Chandler each into a Trey, Luo Wenji dunk, they led the team to 14-0 spurt, the fourth quarter and 4 minutes and 30 seconds Nuggets to 98-75 lead with 23 points. Magloire made two free throws, Luo Wenji layup, Chandler made two free throws, the Nuggets and scored six points, they lead to 104-77. Big score gap to race ahead into the garbage time, both sides make removal of the bench, the Nuggets to 106-81 win. Suns starting lineup: Knight, Booker, Tucker, Morris, Chandler Nuggets starting lineup: Nelson, Harris, Chandler, Fareed, Luo Wenji

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