Thirty-Six of the drastic Football

boiling water, cold water, it is common in daily life things. To make the pot
NFL 16 Coins Buy of water boiling in the pot and add firewood to light a fire. If you want to boil water, you can add some cold water, that Young Tom just boiling pot of firewood can also be deprived of that drastic. How such a simple truth
mut 16 coins NFL group of counselors will understand: in order to destroy their offensive directly to the quarterback to get rid of Jiuhaola. In defense group, responsible for the raid quarterback basically two kinds: Defence striker and linebacker, and now the position of the player’s two representatives are the Houston Texans defensive end JJWatt No. 99 and No.

50 outside Kansas City Chiefs Wei Justin Houston. Let me talk about how to become a quarterback Watt is a nightmare. As a defensive end, work duty is to protect the network to break the offensive quarterback sack and an interception running back. Watt at the end of the 2014 NFL season, the birth of his first hundred of the big players, is to rely on his excellent man combat capability. Watt equates human shields hero high damage output, when faced with the offensive line blocking, Watt fact a trick commonly used striking, start, observe, beat the opposition are completed within 2,3 seconds, if at this time quarterback has not shot the ball, then waiting for it to be tipped Watt.

Even before the ball was tipped, and very easy to be disturbed and rush shots, or pass by Watt brushed, and even he steals possible. Union in order to limit Watt designed a lot of tactics and strategy, such as: the two offensive players to block Watt; direct quarterback after running away from kick-off to pull the ball again and Watt; there is no longer toward the side Watt The direction of the attack and so on. However, these can not stop Watt, how comprehensive restrictions on the stadium beast is still the league Texans defense in the face of a major problem.

Justin Houston is outside linebacker duties including but not limited to raid quarterback, but he will raid achieve the ultimate in this matter can sack the quarterback and Watt contend Houston, it was only a. With different Watt, Houston belong agile damage output hero, who needs to contain the strikers in front of the defensive part of the other fire, the offensive line has not been in contact with their body occurred before, on the use of Bagua to block open, with its excellent speed and hand techniques, Houston Yiqijuechen such as unhindered, it will cut the horse quarterback blink of an eye. 2 In addition, there are two teams in the league are very good at quarterback sack.

One is the St. Louis Rams, they have four levels very close to Watt’s defensive front. The other is the New York Jets, still remember a few weeks ago, they use linebacker raid quarterback kept the Colts star quarterback confused find any Luck, the Colts are not the accident lost the game . American football quarterback after all, is offensive to the core of the movement, in the case of the two teams close to the levels that can be able to get basic blockade team’s quarterback attack.

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