Three bosses in a drama

NBA China Games in Shanghai station, Yao Ming, Jordan and Ballmer three bosses have
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nba 2k mt mt a chance to meet and talk about feelings, then the next, sharing of each other’s team management Road. Management team, the most fundamental driving force is love. Jordan talking about, when I was involved in the management of the team, I can still feel close contact with basketball together, from a completely different aspect to affect the game, as the team boss is a very natural thing.

Also before the acquisition of Shanghai men’s basketball Yao Ming, Zeng family and friends puzzled even opposed, but Yao insisted on doing, ‘My team has a long history, my father was playing in the team, I entered the NBA the effectiveness of teams. So my relationship with the team very closely. ‘$ 21.5 billion in assets, let former Microsoft CEO Ballmer become the NBA’s richest owner,’ I started 12 years old love of basketball, hardcore Pistons fans. When the opportunity to acquire the Clippers appear, of course I want to grasp. ‘Whether you have a star, or a high-tech chiefs, you always want to be invincible.

Jordan revealed the sidelines, pins and needles, ‘the next sitting in the field, the body was still eager to compete in the billowing flow of blood, so I can not feel at ease sitting on the sidelines.’ Wasp’s record was poor Jordan has revealed that anxious to play on their own. Yao Ming this empathy, ‘You must have self-control beyond the ordinary, to calm himself down.’ Yao Ming said that he spent nearly two years to adapt
cheap 2k16 mt to this change, ‘I have views on the game, but can not play to resolve, but to communicate with the coach and manager in the office. ‘Ballmer sitting on the sidelines while relatively calmer, after all, he was not a professional player was born. ‘If the team loses, I told myself, but today it just bad luck.’ Ballmer will focus on force, on the aspects of science and technology and the combination of the game, he refused to give a large amount of local television broadcast contract, ready to set up their own OTT (provide various application services to users via the Internet) streaming media network. Our reporter Tao Xingying

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