True beast! Drummond cut 17 + 21 talent wins eyebrows or soar

At the end of the day an NBA preseason, the Detroit Pistons 97-101 loss to the Indiana Pacers. Although the team lose, but Drummond’s performance is very eye-catching, the game he had 17 points and 21 rebounds. Drummond joined the Pistons in 2012, the
nba mt buy annual data are steadily improving, Drummond 82 appearances last season, averaging 13.8 points scored +13.5 rebounds. He is definitely the most worthy of the Pistons rely on inside players, it is hoped that the Pistons renaissance. In this year’s preseason, Drummond performance is very good, in the Pistons 117-88 win over the Bucks game, Drummond played 20 minutes, scored 17 points and seven rebounds to help the ball team made the first preseason victory. Today’s
nba 2k16 mt game, the face of the eastern rival Pacers, Drummond called the ruling the inside, played 30 minutes 8 of 20 shots, scored 17 points and 21 rebounds, almost a person support from the team inside.

Unfortunately, although the team eventually lost to 97-101, but Drummond’s performance is absolutely commendable. Pistons last season, the team cut inside team player Josh – Smith, before the start of the new season, the Pistons another pillar inside Monroe also announced to leave, so Drummond body pressure becomes greater. The piston no attachment to abandon Monroe means they have ‘Drummond’ Drummond set up for the team’s absolute core. The Pistons are now negotiating with Drummond, Drummond had the opportunity to get five-year $ 120 million big contract.

Now with 2012 rookie Anthony – Davis has become the league’s most sought-post player, he is considered a strong contender for the MVP. In fact, before the draft, ‘Drummond’ once thought to be inside when the genius behind eyebrows brother, speaking from physical talent, Drummond even Bidaiweisi even better. In pre-draft side data comparison, the two men are 2.10 meters tall and weighing 279 pounds to reach Drummond, Davis is 222 pounds, wingspan Drummond is 231CM, while Davis is 228CM, Mogao Drummond is 277CM, Davis 274CM, body fat content Drummond is 7.5. Davis is 7.9.

As can be seen
nba mt points from the data, Drummond almost comprehensive win, physical talent Bidaiweisi even better, especially in the weight is to occupy a distinct advantage, so to ensure that Drummond can stop large center position without the need for such a bodyguard Asik. In fact, in the past two years, relying on physical talent Drummond has been able to brush out very scary data, only his personal technique and understanding of the game limited his play, the record of the piston and therefore not ideal. However, under Van Gundy once Warcraft tutor tune, Drummond match details than in the past has been significantly improved, and he is now the state is very easy to think of the small Jordan cocoon metamorphosis before – absolutely amazing talent, technology is relatively rough, if you can enlighten at the teacher’s instructions, if Drummond suddenly broke three inside the league will not be a surprise, but this is precisely the reason piston hopes pinned on him.

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