Two 19-year-old Beckham tribute Yaoxing ablaze 4 4 ​​goals shy bombers leave two stars

Almost 13 months ago 0-4 defeat to League One team Milton Keynes team stalled the League Cup second round unpleasant memories can finally forget about the. When Van Gaal in the League Cup debut this season determined to send a large number of key players against the Dutch when he saw the determination, the final 3-0 win over Ipswich Town results are satisfactory. Rooney made domestic competitions of the season’s first ball, the teenager the first time in the Manchester United starting Pereira sent a note to the wonderful free kick, Marshall came off the bench four goals in four games stoppage Jiangong apparently "forced" Manchester United has to pay 80 million rhythm .

Rivals Ipswich mind is not on the Carling Cup, which is passed out before the game coach McCarthy’s information, the British media had to find a surprise from the coach who led the Irish team found that McCarthy had "overturned in 2002 "Van Gaal had led the Dutch team. Although the title of the party with the theme McCarthy would like to re-attract popular attention, but McCarthy himself admits Van Gaal played so many games Paul allowed people never even remember who I was. But Van Gaal on the game, or enough attention, from the starting lineup and played list to see basically a team player, only in pre-season warm-up match outstanding performance of midfielder Pereira regarded rookie, but also his first campaign with first-mover status wearing Manchester United shirt play. Rooney continued to wear the captain’s armband arm play, meant that he ushered in his Manchester United team for the first 486 games in the regular season games, which monopolize the first 10 positions on the club list.

Of course, we are more concerned about the state of chubby, because the delay can not find scoring touch, when Lewandowski scored five goals within nine minutes later, Rooney has also been put on the table lying brutally gun. Fortunately, Rooney still fight for their own breath, the first 23 minutes, when Blinder own half sent a long ball over the top, chubby unloading the ball out of their own personal defense and reached the restricted area Tui obtain personal present The first goal of the season in domestic competitions, but also he was again to score in the tournament since the 2010 League Cup final break. His head and hands pointing to the sky, celebration Rooney has not changed, and his teammates came to congratulate also have not changed. When chubby was substituted in the first 81 minutes, there was a familiar applause on Dream Theater stands. In fact in the first 60 minutes at Old Trafford he had set off a wave of climax, because Pereira broke teenager with a wonderful kick direct free kick.

Coincidentally, today is David Beckham and Brighton in the Carling Cup Manchester United completed the race in the first show 23 years ago. Pereira for the first time today in Manchester starting chance to break it this way, the British fans with a smile: This is a tribute to Beckham; at the same time it was also sent blessing: C Ronaldo and David Beckham at Manchester United have scored over Similar free kick, hoping eventually to become Pereira generation of superstars. Of course, this requires Van Gaal to give him more opportunity to play in a team, and not just kicking the youth league. After the game, the club’s official website Pereira also introduced fans to vote in election to the best spot. Pereira said in an interview also appears to be very excited, "can be scored my first goal in the West Stand, really special for me, I’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time!" In fact, apart from Pereira, the ratio He is also the older 27 days, another 19-year-old West Stand teenager Marshall also completed before the break, and this is 80 million in the fourth star team played on behalf of Manchester United scored the first four goals.

Marshall today is the first 70 minutes coming off the bench as, after "warm up" after the French teenager in stoppage time and the first 75 seconds to complete the signature of a strike. In-des-Pres to his foot after stopping the chest, Marshall once again outperformed the age of calm and cool, and then get rid of the large area left Yueerweisi position with a record right foot the ball into the Tui goal lower right corner. Is called a move rarely eat days. Manchester United is also on the 9th, the former Farr admitted to the season with 29 games, but only get four goals, while Marshall played only four games for Manchester United will contribute four goals in Manchester United goal during Dimaliya effectiveness the number is 4, the use of screening is to reach 32 games, scoring efficiency stack up obvious. In the past the third round, the Manchester United team in the next round to continue to be based at home, when the Red Devils will be the team with the British crown Middlesbrough team compete for a quarter-finals.

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