U16 Championships – China Women 1-2 Korea missed the U17 World Cup

2015 年 U-16 Women’s Championship and the U-17 Women’s World Cup semi-final qualifiers to start the competition. China’s national women’s football suffered less lore, 1-2 loss to North Korea missed the next year’s U17 Women’s World Cup. U16 Women country team this year by the former women’s international high red led, since the end of October and early November last year began a nationwide selection camp. These players are 1999 – Players age born in 2001, are currently participating in the National U16 Women’s League players. These players constitute divided into three parts: participation in last year’s Youth Olympic U15 players, U14 players kicking the East Asian Championships, as well as provinces and municipalities and the Provincial Games City Games kick players.

The Chinese team is in Group A with South Korea, Iran, Thailand clashed, two teams a total of eight teams will compete for eight qualifying places in Asia, held in Jordan next year two Women’s U-17 World Cup. Chinese team battle in the leading case was forced into South Korea 3-3, 4-0 second-round victory over Iran, the third round 5-0 bloodbath Thailand to win the group. North Korean team in the group stage 5-0 victory over Chinese Taipei, 4-0
mut coins victory in Uzbekistan, 1-1 draw with Japan’s team eventually finished second. Grabbing the face of fierce Korean team, the Chinese team did not start well, the first half, the Korean team took the lead two minutes to score, made a dream start. The entire first half of the Korean team are sparing no effort to run, they take the initiative to control the game live. Chinese Ma Xiaolan poor state of the core team, Chinese team before the games difficult to organize an effective attack. The second half Easy side battles, the first 60 minutes the Chinese team substitutions, the 6th Shen Meng Yu Substitution 16 Ma.

The first 63 minutes the Chinese team goal, the 11th Zhanglin Yan seized the opportunity to level the score. The first 82 minutes the Chinese team to make adjustments, the 12th Chen Jin Kun dreams Substitution on the 7th. The first 87 minutes of the Korean team into the lore goals, defensive mistakes panic within the restricted area of ​​the Chinese team, who missed the second point of the Korean team was shot at close range, the goalkeeper net smash sell, the ball bounced the ball into the goal. China’s national women’s football final 1-2 loss to Korea less, missed the U-17 World Cup. November 15, the Chinese team will compete with Thailand in this little Asian army season, Japan and Korea will compete for the championship. But no doubt, missed U17 World Cup high in red and her players
mut coins is a huge blow.

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