Van Gaal Manchester United need more offensive player and score more goals

Because Manchester United team in the Premier League have suffered a goal drought Jinji Lun, coach Louis van Gaal appeal to players for the team to provide more attacking options. In the past four games, the Red Devils attack only two goals, the Old Trafford fans feel very frustrated, the team’s style of play is also quite unhappy. Dutch Speaking in an interview: ‘We have to score more goals, I also very much agree with this view, but as long as more than the opponent into a ball enough.’ ‘This is what I think of course we need. The players played more creative, a little faster on the sidewalks.

Five months ago I said this, I said three months ago, and today I would also like to reiterate this. We need to
ut coin traders do on this point. We are in this process. ” I think when you play for Manchester United, the team you will be taken for granted that should become the league’s top teams. ” This is the club’s culture all come to this Block club’s players will feel pressure on the shoulders, you have to deal with these pressures. ” Of course when I came to this club, we ranked seventh last year, is very close. And this year than last year Also close. ” We have to play a lot of games, but we still have a lot of points to be had. We are now more stable, conceded to be less than last season. ‘(heater)

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