Warrior scored 82 points halftime rocket missed the defeat Lord

In an NBA preseason game in Beijing this morning, rocket away in 101-123 loss to the Warriors. More than Lord rocket missed, James – Harden, Dwight – Howard and Thailand – Lawson, etc. did not play. KJ- Maike Dan Daniels scored 20 points and eight rebounds, Terrence
nba 2k16 mt – Jones and Joshua – Smith each scored 11 points, Patrick – Beverly 10 points and six assists. Warriors, Stephen – Curry 19 points and six assists, Klein – Thompson 16 points, Brandon – Rush 12 points.

Maurice bench – Speights 12 points, Festus – Aize Li 11 points. The first section, the Rockets after the opening in good condition, Beverly third hit twice. Warriors strong play inside, Curry twice layup, break layup after Thompson Warriors 10-5 start. Warriors maintain high hit rate in this section, after the first section, the Warriors lead to 34-25. Section II, after three minutes, the Rockets also without scoring a goal, the Warriors played
nba 2k 16 mt coins 10-1 spurt, with its 44-26 lead. More than half of this section, Curry
nba 2k16 mt and Rush hit third in succession, the gap between the two sides to reach 20 points or more. This section there are 50.8 seconds, the time Bogut was beaten bleeding nose cap, had to leave. After the first half, the Warriors lead to 82-53.

Third quarter began the contest off the bench, there are 8 minutes 03 seconds, Aize Li hook shot, the Warriors lead to 92-59 with 33 points. Brewer and Maike Dan Daniels have been scored, but the gap between the two sides once reached 35 points. This section concludes with 2 minutes 27 seconds, the Warriors did not score, the Rockets took the opportunity scored seven points, three quarters behind to 77-105. The fourth quarter, the game seven minutes and 34 seconds when Jason – Thompson hit a ball, the Warriors lead to 114-85. Since then four minutes rocket hit a wave 10-0 spurt, chasing the score 95-114, but lost the suspense early outcome.

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