Wenger Beilai Lin outstanding efficiency does not yield to any opponen

The Champions League match, Arsenal’s 2-0 victory more than Bayern Munich after the game manager Arsene Wenger told Arsenal’s official web site in an interview praised the contribution assists in the game teenager Beilai Lin.

In many of the game, the in the face of Douglas Costa has been a disadvantage, practically off the hook, but Beilai Lin has not been defeated inside the final moments from the dedication in the superb overtaking assists, which Wenger Beilai Lin also much appreciated. ‘Douglas Costa is a best player, I prefer to see two top rated players in the field direct contest, within the last 10-15 minutes of your game to find his personal feelings, his performance to catch up with even pressure off Douglas Costa, just
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Needless to say, also be amongst the prime, I adore to see his desire to suppress opponents within the race to the game final minute, in no way yield to any opponent, he’s pretty
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