Wenger: Kekui Lin is the best defensive midfielder in Europe

December Kekui Lin career ended Charlton on loan back to the team for the Emirates Stadium as coach Arsene Wenger, after the return he became a key figure in the team.
Frenchman took part in the first three Premier League games this season, the third round of the Premier League on Monday tournament at home with the Red Army gunmen Liverpool battle to 0: 0, after the game, “Sky Sports’ commentator – Gary Neville’s performance on 科奎林criticized. But Wenger does not agree with the former Manchester United player’s point of view.
In fact, Wenger believes that if all the field data into account, Kekui Lin arguably the best defensive midfielder in continental Europe.
“Kekui Lin has the best defense in Europe data, watching you watching me too, I do not know the opinions of others. On the defensive end, he has done very well.” Wenger told reporters she said. “Listen, I’m not opposed to the views of others. One might say that Arsenal not strong enough, I accept this view. But there is a very desirable point of view, that is, ‘he will never be able to become a good player.’ Particularly In football more such comments should not appear. ”
Gunners boss continued: “commentator’s point of view does not interfere with me, but I worry about their comments put pressure on the players, football players also came to know that before these commentators on the court before the players fighting, I am happy to see. until they appear on television, but I hope that they can lead people to be more love football, but not recklessly criticize the players. “

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