West Super Cup News

Beijing time on August 18, at 04:00 (local time Spain 17 20:00), the 2015 Spain Super Cup second leg in the Nou Camp in battle, Barcelona home 1-1 draw against Athletic Bilbao, Messi scored, PG and Sora has been sent. Bilbao score 5 to 1 win team, this is the first domestic competition since 1984 tournament.

This is the twentieth time for Barcelona to participate in the Spanish Super Cup, had won 11 times. Bilbao 4 times to participate in the tournament, only a win was in 1984, by winning the Primera Liga and the king cup automatically Super Cup. Also in 1983 and 2009 annual defeat to Barcelona, especially in 2009, Bilbao is the king’s Cup runner up identity finalists Super Cup. Barcelona in the first leg 4-0 off negative and Barcelona in the backcourt rotation for 6 people, Iniesta and Busquets, Rakitic, Mathieu, pique and Bravo rotation appearances. Neymar is still in absence.

Barcelona after opening the positive pressure, Bilbao started full court press. Messi lobbed pass, Pedro 12 yards Department shot was blocked by the blocking, then PG corner melee small restricted area before the volley fire hit the crossbar bounce. Barcelona, Pedro Suarez was impatient Raiders, and Messi has fallen into the offside trap. Messi 25 yards free kick shot slightly higher. Bilbao in the 38th minute miss the opportunity, Pedro passing errors, eraso shake down Javier Mascherano protruding into the restricted area on the right side of 10 yards at single shot hit in the network edge.

Barcelona 43 minutes to break the deadlock, Rakitic restricted the right pass, Suarez chesting ferry, unguarded Messi small forbidden area edge chest stopping pusher shoots forces a door open. Eli South refused to give the first ball, Pedro tried to from the arms to grab a ball in a dispute over, Barcelona winger was booked. The group at the end of four, the fans in the audience booed.

Barcelona fifty-sixth minutes suffered a blow, Germany – Marcos pass, Aduriz restricted area on the right side of the shot was blocked by Bravo. Peake thinks that the other offside and fierce protest to the linesman, he later sent off. This is Peake in 312 games since Barca seventh red card. Chase the ball Pedro in the restricted area, Pedro tongshe yilaisuosi attack failed, rappolt was blocked by buddhism. Mathieu cross from the left, Barron and miskick Rakitic Zia, a small area on the upper right corner shot hit the side net.

Rakiti and Pedro were replaced by Sandro and Munir. The Messi midfield steals, Suarez broke out to the edge of the area shot column on the left side. Bilbao in the 74th minute equaliser, Germany – Marcos header ferry, aduriz pole low shot is barely saved Bravo after network bushe, 1-1. Munir left the restricted area volley was confiscated. Eighty-sixth minutes, substitute Sola Tamascherano foul.

Barcelona (4-3-3):13- Bravo; 6- Alves, 3- Peake, 14- Mascherano,, 24- Mathieu; 4- Rakiti (68′, 16- Sandro), 5- Busquets, 8- Iniesta; 10- Messi, 9- Suarez,, 7- Pedro (68′, 17- Munir)

Athletic Bilbao lineup (4-1-4-1) – yilaisuosi; boweta 2. 24 Barron Zia, 4 – Laboerte, 16 dust TIA (68. 3 E Ruth Tundo); 18 guerpeiji; 10 de Marcos, 7 – Beni Yate (84 ‘, 17 Nico), 5 – eraso, Su 14 Saeta; 20 aduriz (80th, 9 – sola)

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