Wilderness straight wins Panthers added a penalty only swallow penguin

National Hockey League NHL compete for a total of seven games, the Minnesota wilderness away 5 to 2 victory over the Vancouver Canucks end 8-game losing streak, the New York Islanders 4-1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators 2-3 overtime loss to Dallas star, Florida Panthers 2-1
nhl 16 coins penalty victory over the Pittsburgh penguins.

Vancouver Canucks Minnesota Wild 2 to 5

The game is also a wilderness team coach Tuoqie Di took office after the first game, after the game began, wilderness team head start, after Paris Qianchangduanqiu shot succeeded, to rewrite the score 1-0, the Canucks Ta Neifu after the equalizer, wilderness team Spurgeon heavy artillery Leipzig succeeded, to rewrite the score 2 to 1. Fontaine in the second quarter will begin
hut coins to expand the score 3 to 1, and then use the Canucks Saiding opportunity to play more small ball pulled one back, but the wilderness Coyle team after 3 minutes to play less than the same use the opportunity to expand the score 4 to 2, Neidelaide scored again in the third quarter to help the team to the wilderness 5 to 2 victory over the opponent, ending an embarrassing eight-game losing streak.

New York Islanders 4-1 Detroit Red Wings

The first section of the two sides have not scored, after entering the second quarter, Islanders Nelson scored a goal on the break, with the Houbailili to play little more than the opportunity to expand the score 2-0, the section of the game after the section in front of Zden��k Ritchie scored blank range, Islanders lead 3-0. The third quarter, the Red Wings Daciqiuke tip pulled one back minutes, followed by Tavares Islanders teammates pass behind Strom scored again, Islanders 4 to 1 lock victory, Grice goalkeeper with 28 saves, played five consecutive victory.Read More:

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