Wizards defeat the 76-game winning streak harvested 2 Gortat 16 points and 14 assists Wal-6 +

Reported: Washington Wizards in the preseason to get straight. Gortat and O’Barr each scored 16 points, Tony Blair had 15 points and seven rebounds, six points and Walter sent 14 assists activate the offensive team, the Wizards in the first three quarters to build a big lead advantage, they on the road to beat the Philadelphia 76ers 127-118. The Wizards made two game winning streak, the 76ers suffered two defeats. Wizards Gortat had 16 points and four rebounds, O’Barr had 16 points and three steals, Blair had 15 points and seven rebounds, Bill scored 13 points, 3 assists and 4 turnovers, Porter scored 13 points, Humphries had 11 points and six rebounds, Wall had six points, 14 assists and five turnovers.

76ers Weier Bei gold had 21 points and five rebounds, Noel had 15 points, test Vinton and Thompson each scored 14 points, Alcalá de Miel had 12 points and 14 rebounds, scored 10 points and McConnell 10 assists, McRae had 10 points and eight rebounds. Wizards are the main make out, they become masters after the start, Potter scored five points led his unit to 11-6 lead. Vinton test jumper stop gap widened, Gortat force in the paint alone take four points, the Wall and Bill were also successful offensive, the first section there are 4 minutes 20 seconds when the Wizards to 27-16 lead. After the two sides each have a few minutes, Sessions attack mode is turned off the bench he scored six points, the Wizards to 41-22 lead with 19 points over the first quarter. Blair and O’Barr together seven points, the Wizards began shortly after the second quarter to 48-22 lead. Noel three of four penalties, Humphries hit back three points, Gortat layup, the Wizards continue to maintain a big advantage. Section II more than half feel Hougelante came even take 6 points, Thompson also hit three-pointers, to lead the team to counterattack wave hit 12-2, at 2
nba 2k mt and a half minutes before halftime the 76ers 41-58 chase.

Boer hit two jumpers for the Wizards to stabilize the situation, Ha Leisen also scored five points, while the Wizards to 69-45 halftime lead with 24 points. Wizards Porter scored 13 first half points, Gortat had 10 points, Wall had six points and 10 assists; Noel 76ers scored 13 points. 76ers offensive in a slight recovery in the third quarter, Covent Benton and Grant respectively thirds vote, they narrow the gap to 20 points. Wizards quickly fired back,
nba mt points Bill the third, Gortat and O’Barr scored four points, they led his unit to play 15-2 spurt, the third quarter and 6 minutes and 10 seconds when the Wizards to 88 55 leading 33 points. Big deficit 76ers do not have any baggage, it will instead make them feel warmer, Thompson even in 3-pointers, Covent Dayton also hit a record one-third, when the 76ers to 74-99 at the end of the three sections behind. Neil opened the fourth quarter with the third ball of the big screen,gold respond to three points, the 76ers and scored six points chase, they 80-102 behind. A big deficit of 76 people played very tough, especially gold scored 10 points, which helped the 76ers 102-114 chase there are 4 minutes 30 seconds in the fourth quarter.

Blair hit 3 successful, gold even in two three-pointers, McRae twice layup, the 76ers is the climax of a wave of 14-4 counterattack, the fourth quarter and 1 minute 25 seconds they 116-121 5 points behind. Smith running jumper, Blair hit a jumper, leading the Wizards to stabilize the situation, they eventually win 127-118. Wizards starting lineup: Wall, Bill Porter, Humphries, Gortat 76ers starting lineup: McConnell, McRae, Covent Dayton, Grant, Noel

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