Wolves capture Raptors get first win of the preseason with 14 points champion Dieng 12 + 6 + 3 caps

YORK, October 15 reported: Minnesota Timberwolves preseason gain first win. Dieng bench scored 14 points, Tayshaun Prince scored 13 points, 12 points champion Downs and six rebounds, the Wolves played a small climax in the fourth quarter to achieve overtake, they came from behind at home to 89-87 win over the lack of Lori Toronto Raptors. Timberwolves end 3-game losing streak to get first win, the Raptors end 2-game winning streak. Minnesota Dieng had 14 points, Tayshaun Prince scored 13 points, Downes had 12 points, six rebounds and three blocked shots, Jones had 12 points and four rebounds, Wiggins had 11 points, three assists and 4 turnovers, Lavin had nine points and five assists, Bjelica had eight points and seven rebounds.

Raptors Wright had 11 points and three rebounds, Johnson had
cheap 2k16 mt 11 points, Bennett had 10 points, eight rebounds and three steals, Powell scored 10 points, Billon Bo had 10 points and 6 rebounds. Lori absence Raptors DeRozan back, Joseph played starting point guard. Raptors after the start to become masters, Joseph scored five points, Biyombo bench contributed 4 points, they led his unit to 16-9 lead. Prince and Bjelica answered with three-catching score, Wright responded with three-pointers, Prince holding hand again in the third, he led his unit to counterattack wave end of the first section 6-1, the Timberwolves to 23 -25 2 points behind.

II began after the Wolves offensive inaccurate, they continuously blacksmith, Raptors wave of attacks hit 7-0, they 32-23 lead nine minutes. Jones even in two three-pointers, Lu Dezi-thirds vote, a wave of success third of the rain let the Wolves tied. Wright maintained aggressive Glenealy 4 points, he led the team and was 8-0 spurt, leading the Raptors again. At this time champion Lang Downs force, even with a fine cast scored 9 points, the Timberwolves will play chase the score 41-46. Former champion Bennett suddenly found in the hand before halftime, one with two three-pointers, the Raptors to 54-43 lead into halftime with 11 points. Raptors Bennett scored nine points in the first half, Wright and Biyombo each scored 7 points; Timberwolves Prince scored 10 points, had nine points Downs. Raptors began shortly after the third quarter with 5 points, they continue to expand the advantage. Downs hook shot for the team to stop bleeding, and Dion Wiggins each into a three-pointer, they led the team to play 12-0 counterattack climax, the third quarter and 1 minute 45 seconds chase Timberwolves 60 -63. Powell’s two free throws, Wright scored a breakthrough, at the end of three sections Raptors to 67-60 lead.

Dieng very active, he scored six points in the fourth quarter began, the Timberwolves 68-70 chase. Johnson even took 5 minutes to find touch back, but Minnesota’s comeback momentum still, Bjelica and Lavin were cast in the third, the fourth quarter and 4 minutes and 55 seconds to 80-79 lead 1 minute them. Kaposi Selo not in the third, Lu Dezi foul free throws, the Wolves opened the advantage to three points.
buy nba 2k16 mt Biyombo three of four penalties, Lavin break jumper, Dieng two free throws, the fourth quarter and 21.9 seconds when the Timberwolves to 85-82 lead three minutes. Patterson mistakes, Jones sank two free throws, the Wolves opened the advantage to five points. Powell scored a breakthrough, Lavin made two free throws in the fourth quarter and 8.1 seconds when the Timberwolves to 89-84 lead five minutes. Patterson hit two-thirds vote grab, but still to no avail, the Raptors to 87-89 defeat. Raptors starting
2k16 mt lineup: Joseph, DeRozan, Carol Bennett, Vallance Yunus Wolves starting lineup: Miller, Wiggins, Prince, Kevin Garnett, Downs

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