Xiaoen – Lynch identified lack of war Next game

Seattle Seahawks running back will again face one week Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) lack of war situation. Seahawks announced Friday that they have
mut 16 coins identified the main running back will miss the end of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, a hamstring injury has sidelined let Lynch face the Detroit Lions play the game. In Seahawks coach Pete – after Carroll (Pete Carroll) previously announced Lynch week for examination, it was decided unexpectedly. Lynch since the third week against the Chicago Bears in the game for the first time after a hamstring strain did not play before.

Attention now put Fred Jackson – (Fred Jackson) who, but he has also been troubled by an ankle injury. Jackson will test whether training played in the next game before the start, but Carroll on Friday expressed optimism that Jackson can play, he said:you can not understand how he was sidelined with injuries, but he looks ready to play.if Jackson can not play, rookie Thomas
madden 16 coins unsuccessful – Rolls (Thomas Rawls) will have plenty of opportunities to face the Tigers excellent defensive striker. Lynch lost weaken the Seahawks rushing attack was a dominant force.

Despite a poor performance in the Seahawks offensive line red ball and still ranked seventh in the league, they have failed to get the red ball touchdowns and is averaging 128 yards rushing the ball last year’s data compared to nearly 45 yards less . It is hoped that the rest has undergone one week later, Lynch can be ready to play against the Carolina Panthers in the sixth week of the race.

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