Zheng must win all four games more goals with confidence and courage to deal with qualifying

November 12, the Chinese soccer team will usher in the Top 40 World Cup qualifying match at home to Bhutan’s game, the Chinese team in the next four games to have a chance to qualify for the victory. National football captain Zheng Zhi in an interview, also said: We have to score goals to win more games four games victory to qualify, qualify and everyone should have enough confidence and courage. Zheng said: In fact, now do not have to calculate what the situation and integration, and we put in
www.fifaultimateteams.co.uk the situation where, if it is to get to qualify, they must win all four games, as the coach said, we need to improve offensive efficiency, being able to be in the game and even scored more goals for us, how to improve the offensive efficiency in training among the work is urgently needed.

As Orangemen old captain, Zheng Zhi how to use their experience to help other young players to lay the national team, which Zheng said: Every one came to national team players have a very good ability, but no matter who, Just come to the national team first need to have enough confidence and courage, psychologically believe that they can play well, this is the most basic. Once you have the confidence and courage nature is transformed into the competition among training content, which Zheng said: We do not need to think too much, at each training session very serious and hard training, the level of training of stuff being
www.fifaultimateteams.co.uk able to show it in the race, which is what we need to do.

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