Zheng team ready to meet the difficulties of preparation

Osaka Hengda AFC semifinal second leg will be started, before the captain Zheng Zhi attended the press conference. He said the team’s goal is clear, that is out of opponents, finals. Talk about tomorrow’s game, Zheng said: the two teams have had a fight with each other have to understand.

The semi-finals of the team, regardless of previous results, certainly wants to finally get the AFC championship. For us, this is the second time in three years the semi-finals, so this is the same, we also want to get this year’s AFC championship. Speaking Gamba Osaka opponent, Zheng said: ‘Gamba Osaka do not belong to the kind of traditional Japanese style of play the team, team play is very powerful and speed, play pretty straightforward, there are a lot of their offense characteristics they has its own characteristics.

We also know that they returned home definitely want to comeback, so we will do a good job of preparing to face various difficulties. ” These difficulties also include the game into overtime. For any situation that may arise, ball teams have been doing the appropriate plans. But anyway, the team came here to win the opponent, and then into the final. ‘

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